Bomba™ V2 EAA Intra-Workout

Bomba™ V2 EAA Intra-Workout


BOMBA V2 EAA Intra-Workout

Bomba utilizes 17 ingredients to enhance your workouts using a full essential amino acid profile, hyper-hydration ingredients, Senactiv®, Vitacherry®, & AstraGin®.*

Bomba BCAA/EAA Matrix-This complete amino acid matrix contains a huge 15.6 grams of both BCAA’s and EAA’s. This ensures you are maximizing protein synthesis, supporting lean muscle, improving glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity, decreasing post-training soreness, & preventing muscle breakdown.*

Hydration Complex-This complex includes a hydration complex of coconut water powder, taurine and electrolytes.*

Intra/Post Recovery Matrix-This matrix includes Vitacherry and Senactiv. These ingredients may aid in ATP production and post workout recovery.*

Absorption Matrix-Finally, we have AstraGin which has been shown to potentially increase the absorption of many of the amino acids found in this formula.

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