Crack Undead King Pre Workout

Crack Undead King Pre Workout



Crack Undead King Pre Workout

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Crack Undead King from Dark Labs is a super limited edition pre workout for advanced, stim junkies only. Crack Undead King is probably the strongest pre workout by Dark Labs. Now this may be a good or a bad thing. We highly recommend starting on 1/4 of the serving size. This is going to provide you with insane surges of energy and focus. This may be too much for some…use with caution. Crack Undead King Highlights * One of the Strongest Crack Pre Workouts * Extremely Aggressive * May be too aggressive * 25 Servings Crack Undead King Composition * Citrulline Malate (6g) * Agmatine Sulfate (1g) * Beta Alanine (3.2g) * Beta PEA (750mg) * Alpha GPC (500mg) * Tyrosine (500mg) * Eria Jarenesis (500mg) * Caffeine (300mg) * 2 Amino – (350mg) * Caffeine Citrate (225mg) * 2 Amino 4 (150mg) * Halostachine (150mg) * Alpha Yo (1.75mg) Crack Undead King FAQs * Is Crack Undead King a limited edition? Yes it is. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. * How much caffeine is in Crack Undead King? Over 500mg total caffeine content! Crack Undead King Reviews

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