Darkside Ultra Pre Workout

Darkside Ultra Pre Workout


DarkSide Ultra Pre XTREME Pre Workout 

Darkside’s pre-workout Ultra Pre Xtreme is a new pre-workout from DarkSide for the stim junkies. It comes with 17g of active ingredients to increase energy, enhance mental focus, improve pumps and performance.

Supplement Facts

4g L-Citrulline malate

3.2g beta-alanine

1g Tyrosine

600mg Alpha GPC

300mg Eria Jarensis

350mg Caffeine

100mg DiCaffeine Malate

60mg Hordenine

50mg AstraGin

20mg Huperzine A

Additional information


25 Servings


Mango Tango, Blue Lemonade, Kandy Keys