Enjoy The Ride v69

Enjoy The Ride v69


TNS Enjoy The Ride v69

It Took 67 Failures, But They Finally Achieved The New Experience.

TNS original formula for Enjoy The Ride (ETR) was something different than any other ‘house brand’ of pre-workout, and for good reason. It was well-balanced in its’ profile, containing a blend of stimulants as well as pump products.
But they quickly realized that there could be more out there. A pre-workout that challenges the position of the top-tier ergogenic formulas in the industry. We tried and tried, failing attempt after attempt, and just couldn’t seem to figure it out.
Finally they actually did it. Introducing ETR V.69. It’s going to be a ride, that’s for sure.

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25 Servings


Margarita, Mango Marg, Llamacorn