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5% Nutrition Freak Show

Isn’t it amazing how quickly carbs became the “enemy”? The truth is, if you’re hunting gains, you need quality carbs to help you build maximum muscle. After all, carbs are the preferred fuel source of the body. That’s the energy your muscles use to power you through your workouts. The thing is, too many carbs and you risk the excess being stored as fat. The question is, how can you eat the carbs you need without fear of creating excess fat storage?

What if you could use a product that could utilize those excess carbs for muscle growth and glycogen replenishment instead of fat storage? Now you can, thanks to Rich Piana 5% Nutrition and the new Freak Show®. Leave it to 5% Nutrition to create an innovative formula that mimics the power of insulin without the downside. You know 5% Nutrition, so you can expect an epic, overdosed product using only the most effective ingredients and designed to make use of and control those extra carbs!

Anabolic Power

The key to what happens in the body when you eat a lot of carbs lies in the body’s own hormones. Insulin is one of the body’s primary anabolic hormones and some will say it’s the most powerful – yes, even more, powerful than testosterone. That may be, but insulin is like a double-edged sword – it can cut both ways. Despite its anabolic power, eat too many carbs throughout the day, especially simple carbs, and the result will be insulin spikes – which means fat gain. That’s not the scenario we want!

Ah, but what about anabolic power! Insulin controls how the cells in your body absorb and utilize nutrients, such as carbs and protein. It also has a strong role in the process of protein synthesis. When you eat carbs, they not only help the process of muscle growth, they also pull water into your muscles which helps create that full as f*ck look every bodybuilder wants to see! So, carbs themselves are not the problem it’s how insulin is produced and consumed in your body when you eat too many carbs which is the core of the issue.

Rich Piana GDA


Drive carbohydrates into muscles where they can be used. Freak Show is the most powerful sugar destroyer available!


Serious glucose regulator meant for carb-heavy meals, so you can eat those pre-workout carbs and get them where they need to be. Berberine helps regulate how the body uses sugar.


The ingredient known as the sugar destroyer! Highly effective for metabolic support, weight loss, and dieting. Hydrates muscles for fullness and pump.


500 mg Banaba Powder to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates. Helps shuttle nutrients and carbs out of the blood stream and toward muscles to promote healing and growth instead of fat storage.

Freak Show Supp Facts

– 100 mg Thiamin (B1): essential for metabolizing carbs and BCAAs. Thiamin binds with ATP to create a glucose oxidation pathway.
– 1,000 mg Gymnema Sylvestre: a powerful herb that keeps blood sugar stable and drives cabs into your muscle cells. Hydrates muscles as well for fullness and pump.
– 500 mg Banaba Powder: delivers glucose to your muscles, where you need it during brutal training sessions. Helps enhance your sensitivity.
– 350 mg Berberine Hydrochloride: helps regulate glucose and enhance muscular absorption.
– 300 mg Cinnamon Extract: clinically shown to lower blood glucose levels.
– 300 mg Bitter Melon (4:1): an age-old remedy for respiratory problems known to also lower sugar and increase serum levels of protein.
– 200 mg Na-R[+]-Alpha Lipoic Acid: a fatty acid that occurs in the mitochondria of every cell in your body. A potent antioxidant, this form of ALA attaches to sodium salt to make it more soluble and bioavailable.
– 100 mg Fenugreek: often found in hormone boosters, and shown to lower sugar levels.
– 10 mg Black Pepper Extract: aids absorption

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