InnovaPharma NovaPump

NovaPump is a stimulant free pump focused pre-workout. This does not have stimulants like in most pre-workouts we have available here on the website.

NovaPump Ingredients

InnovaPharm NovaPump Ingredients

NovaPump’s label has the “40/20 serving split”, meaning you get 40 servings at half of a scoop, or 20 servings at the full scoop dosage. Below we show dosages based upon the full scoop serving size:

  • Citrulline Malate (8g)

    Citrulline is a precursor of arginine — the compound that leads to nitric oxide production in your body. You may ask yourself — if I wanted more nitric oxide, I should supplement with arginine then, no? While this was a commonly held thought for years, research has showed that arginine suffers from poor bioavailability as it’s broken down by arginase in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Nitric oxide allows more blood to flow throughout the body by relaxing the vasculature. This enhanced blood flow is the physiological mechanism behind the “pumps” the industry has connected to citrulline. The heightened blood flow that occurs upon citrulline supplementation may also improve recovery, increase nutrient uptake, oxygen utilization during exercise, reduce fatigue, and even help relieve training-related soreness.

    The dose here is also great as 8g is right in line with the current literature, and there have even been studies showing 6g of citrulline malate (yielding a bit over 3g actual L-citrulline) leads to clinical benefits.

    Long story short, this dosage of citrulline lets you feel massive and vascular during your workout, but we’ve seen it all before, and InnovaPharm knew they’d have to bring a hell of a lot more. Good news: they did. Let’s keep going.

  • GlycerPump (4g) (Glycerol Powder 65%)

    Glycerol, aka triacylglycerols, is one of the oldest dietary supplements still in use. The industry primarily uses glycerol is as a hydration enhancing agent. However, most products used inferior forms of glycerol that had a low amount of actual glycerol by weight, spoiled easily, and even left disgusting clumps and chunks in shaker cups. Glycerol will help saturate your muscle cells with water as long as you take it with plenty of fluids. More fluid in the cell, as you likely have guessed by now, means a bigger muscle.[6] We like to refer to the “swelling” induced by GlycerPump as “water pumps,” and it gives that “swole” effect to many users when properly hydrated. The key here is to consume tons of water whenever you use glycerol to see the best side of this ingredient.
  • Super Spinach (1g) (Red Spinach – Amaranthus Tricolor Leaf Extract)



Super Spinach is an extract of red spinach leaf full of blood flow enhancers, meant to take on all of those beet root extracts (too many of which are non-standardized and relatively weak).More blood flow after red spinach! In a recent investigation, red spinach extract increased nitric oxide 50x more than beet juice and 4x more than beet root extract. It doesn’t end there — the red spinach extract also may keep nitric oxide levels boosted for an entire 24 hours. So we have a massive boost that lasts a long time.As you may have guessed, the enhanced blood flow will compound with citrulline to provide more nutrient delivery, increased stamina, and reduced fatigue. It’s hard to tell what dose is the ideal dose for a new ingredient — but we can tell you we feel the pumps!Expect to see more coming out about Super Spinach. Because it’s so full of nutrients and may even lower blood pressure thanks to those vasodilation properties, it’s being introduced to the general health market and we expect a lot more research to come.

  • Agmatine Sulfate (1g)

    Agmatine is the logical next step in a supplement that includes both citrulline and red spinach extract. Agmatine is an inhibitor of arginase — an enzyme that breaks down arginine in the body. As discussed in the section on citrulline, arginine gets converted to nitric oxide via nitric oxide synthase. If we stop the breakdown of arginine, our body can convert more arginine into nitric oxide — so we get even more nitric oxide boosting.

    We liken agmatine to “playing defense” with our pump ingredients. It’s in the formula to help citrulline and Super Spinach work more efficiently by helping produce more nitric oxide.

  • PegaPump (250mcg) (Peganum Harmala L. Extract)

    Peganaum Harmala brings some very potent NO-boosting alkaloids

    PegaPump is an extract of Peganum harmala, a plant known as the Syrian rue. PegaPump focused on specific alkaloids of the plant, like HarmineHarmaline, and Harmalol that promote vasorelaxation. Vasorelaxation means that a blood vessel is less constricted — which means it can accommodate more blood flow.

    You can think of PegaPump has the haymaker of the vascular-relaxing combination present in NovaPump: The first jab is a big dose of citrulline, Super Spinach provides the left cross, and PegaPump is the final match-ending uppercut.

    Beyond this extract, Syrian rue is used worldwide as a cardiovascular health-promoting herb — specifically as a treatment for hypertension and heart disease. Research shows that Syrian rue may help reduce systemic blood pressure and total peripheral resistance (think the resistance blood must overcome to flow), improve the peak flow out of the aorta, and even act as an immune-boosting compound.

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