Over The Top Intra-Workout

Over The Top Intra-Workout


Apollon Nutrition Over The Top Intra-Workout

This is a super loaded training fuel intra-workout supplement for athletes looking to wreck the weights, smash PRs, crush the competition, and still have the gumption to go toe-to-to with Lincoln Hawk.

OVER THE TOP Highlights: 

  • Greater endurance & stamina
  • Increased muscle force contractility
  • Decreased onset of fatigue
  • Improved maximal oxygen uptake capacity
  • Decreased delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Greater energy & ATP production
  • Increased power & strength

Over The Top Supp Facts

  • 40 grams of fast-digesting carbohydrates to enhance energy production and athletic performance
  • 17+ grams of amino acids (including 10g of BCAAs) to fuel muscle recovery, growth, and hydration
  • 5 grams of creatine monohydrate
  • 5 grams betaine anhydrous
  • 2 grams PeakO2®
  • 300mg elevATP®
  • 100mg Senactiv®

Additional information


40/20 Servings


Guava Strawberry, Pineapple Orange, Passion Fruit Berry