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Sicario LTD Pre-Workout

Sicario LTD Pre-Workout


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40 Servings
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ASC Supplements Sicario Pre-Workout LTD

Less than 1000 made, and if you’re a stim free pump savage you’re gonna want in on this!

Pumps & Performance Matrix-The combination of ingredients in the Performance and Pumps Matrix will provide you with some of the best pumps you have felt in the gym.  In this limited edition, we added a bunch of different combinations from the original.  Epimedium, increased pomegranate extract, and Glucono-Delta Lactate provide a synergistic approach to N.O. production and ultimately bigger pumps. VasoDrive AP is also a new ingredient here, which provides a nitric oxide boost from a different pathway than Citrulline. Your muscles will have that blood flow necessary to facilitate your next-level performance.

Limited Hitman Focus Matrix-This is where the focus comes in.  We included DMAE Bitartrate, tyrosine, & Neurofactor in this version for a different experience from the OG.  This matrix provides you that focus, confidence, and boost in mood you need to crush the workout game.

Sicario Pump Pre-Workout Highlights

  • Super Pumps
  • Stimulant Free
  • Nootropic Heavy
  • Patented Ingredients
  • Top 10 Pump Pre-Workout 2021

How Is This Different From Other Pre-Workouts?

This is 100% stimulant-free. Free of any central nervous system stimulants like caffeine. Aside from this, it is a complete stim-free pre-workout experience with pump ingredients and nootropics. Nootropics are important in these types of products because they keep you focused and increase sense of well-being.

Is Sicario LTD Pre-Workout For Me?

If you are looking for a stim break, Sicario is for you. If you hate stimulants, Sicario is for you. If you need a pre-workout late at night that won’t keep you up until 5 am, this is for you!

This is also an awesome product to stack with your favorite stimulant based pre-workouts, especially El Jefe Pre-Workout.

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Peach Rings


40 Servings