SuperHuman Intra BCAA/EAA

SuperHuman Intra BCAA/EAA


Alpha Lion SuperHuman Intra EAA

MAXIMIZE athletic endurance and prevent muscular fatigue with SuperHuman Intra Anabolic Intra-Workout GAINS Quencher

SuperHuman Intra EAA Highlights:

Maximizes recovery and athletic endurance†

  • Maximizes hydration and electrolyte replenishment†
  • 10g of all 9 amino acids, NOT just 3†
  • So delicious you’ll sip it all day long†
  • Ultra-Premium formula using 4 patented ingredients†
  • Superior-grade fermented InstAminos†
  • Available in 3 mouth watering flavors so damn good you’ll want to drink it all day long!

Available in 3 mouth watering flavors so damn good you’ll want to drink it all day long!

  1. Leg Day Limeade: Don’t be the fool who skips leg day! This delicious sour lime flavor will not only make you DESTROY the squat rack, but will also power you through every other intense Balloon Method workout!
  2. GraperMelon Gains: An anabolic flavor collision of candy grape and sweet watermelon. This unique flavor combination will create a gains-quenching party in your mouth and in your biceps so you can curl until the gym kicks you out!
  3. Tropic Thunder: A powerfully delicious pineapple flavor that wages war against muscle fatigue with the serious intensity of acclaimed actor Kirk Lazarus!

Alpha Lion Super Human Intra Supp Facts

gain-o-rade bcaa

How Is This Different From The Rest?

This has all nine eaas, hydration complex and has higher dosages of ingredients compared to competitors.

Is Alpha Lion Intra For Me?

If you workout this could help you with your performance and recovery.

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Grapermelon Gains (Watermelon Grape Candy), Leg Day Lemonade (Sour Lime Popsicle), Tropic Thunder (Tropical Pineapple Juice)


42 Scoops