SuperHuman Pre-Workout


SuperHuman Pre-Workout

Feel SuperHuman At Every Training Level

We can’t all be Mr. Olympia out of the womb. When it comes to fitness goals, we’re all on our own personal journeys.

So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete, SuperHuman tiered serving size will allow you to get EXACTLY what you need without going over or under board.

For beginners, we recommend one scoop to assess tolerance. For advanced athletes, we recommend the full two-scoop serving.


A Pre-Workout That Actually Tastes Good?!

We were sick and tired of forcing ourselves to stomach those disgusting pre-workouts that made us actually want to puke.

Alpha Lion Pre-Workout Highlights

  • Powerful Energy & Focus WITHOUT the Crash
  • SuperHuman Strength & Endurance
  • Long-Lasting Skin Tearing Pumps
  • Optimize Performance
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Is This For Me?

This is a great pre-workout for beginners and intermediate pre-workout users. Well balanced pre-workout that covers all the basis.

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42 Scoops