Superhuman Sports Pre Workout

Superhuman Sports Pre Workout


Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport

This product is designed for enhancing athletic performance with patented ingredients, free of banned substances, and backed with incredible flavors and formulas.

Bottom line, this product is for those that want to improve their energy, endurance, and recovery for their athletic journey.

It is indeed more of a sport or endurance style product, featuring ingredients focused on supporting energy, hydration, performance, and recovery. That is obviously quite different from your typical sports nutrition combination of energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Superhuman Sport Benefits

  • 2-1 Sports Performance and Recovery Pre-Workout
  • Amazing Flavors
  • 8 Patent Ingredients 
  • Stackable With Other Alpha Lion Pre-Workouts

Additional information


42 Scoops


Platinum Orchard (HoneyCrisp Apple Pear), 24 Karat Lion (Honey Mango Lychee)